Technical Parameter:
1 working voltage/frequency: 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ
2 ambient temperature: -25C~+75 C
3 ambient humidity: <=90%
4 rated power: 120W
5 ratio transmission: 1:30
6 rotating speed of output shaft: 46.5n/min
7 torque of output shaft: 17nm
8 maximum stroke of push rod: 300 nm
9 line speed of push rod: 16.8mm/s
10 time for opening or closing the door: 18s
11 the biggest door width: 2.5m
12 the biggest door weight: 300kg
13 the biggest open angle: 110

1 unique and fashionable structure design which can meet the need of the market
2 electrical soft start
3 alarm light and garden light are available (they will work when the door delays to close)
4 door closing delay (it will work when the limit switch is open)
5 anti-collision function when the door is opening (infrared photocell 1)
6 anti-collision function when the door is closing (infrared photocell 2)
7 anti-bumping, anti-clip, stop on obstacle are available
8 start on work shift (it will automatically work when the limit switch is open)
9 remote control and line control are optional

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